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100 Best Books Written By Women

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Have you been browsing your bookshelf recently looking for your next book? Maybe you've been hanging around in your favourite bookstore or trawling through the thousands of books on Amazon? Well, me too!

There are so many options out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose your next adventure. Do you want to read a crime novel? Maybe a romance or an epic fantasy saga. Or maybe you just want to read your favourite again (for the fiftieth time... hey, no judgement!).

Well, I may have something to help us all. I recently came across an MSN article titled '100 best books written by women' and as I scrolled through the list, I realised that I could only count how many I've read on one hand! What was the meaning of this? Why haven't I read at least half of them already?

Right now I should be evoking my own Book Lover membership card! How can I personally own only 10 of these books? And of these, I have only read half of them. Note to self: must do 1000 times better!

My collection

It's time to fix this madness. Join me and take a dive into the wonderful works of these amazing women, or if you're doing better than me, let me know how many of these books you've read already.

See you in the next post and happy reading!

*edited to include pictures and links for the books that I already own from MSN's list

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